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YogaWorkout PRO

YogaWorkout PRO, an iOS app built for iPhone and iPod Touch…


The latest update of YogaWorkout PRO brings retina display support and AirPlay support so that you can stream the videos from your phone to your AppleTV!

YogaWorkout PRO, an iOS app built for iPhone and iPod Touch features six complete Yoga flows.

Every flow is broken down into its individual poses and presented with clear instruction and imagery by professional Yoga instructors. The flows are presented as narrated videos, guiding you through the transitions from one flow to the next.

YogaWorkout PRO presents these six flows:

  • Warrior Flow
  • Gentle Hatha Sequence
  • Detox Flow
  • Core Strengthening Flow
  • Balancing Series
  • Power Flow

Get YogaWorkout PRO for your iPhone today at the Apple App Store on your iOS device!

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